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Proscar is recommended for use in adult males. The recommended dose is 5 mg once a day with or without meals. Although early improvement is seen, at least 6-12 months of therapy with Propecia, it may be necessary in some patients to assess whether a beneficial response has been achieved. Periodic follow up evaluations should be performed to determine whether a clinical response has occurred. Dose adjustment is not required in geriatric individuals with impaired renal function. No dose adjustment is required in impaired hepatic function. Since finasteride is metabolised extensively in the liver, the drug should be used with caution in patients with hepatic impairment.

Stiv recently turned 18 years old. And he is no longer a child. That is, according to the documents, he is already an adult, but in fact he is not. According to the documents, he can already live alone, go to college, even get married. In fact, Stiv cannot eat, sit, even roll over on his side.

But Stiv loves life very much. He is interested in school activities (he studies remotely), he loves walks in nature and excursions.

But now he cannot even afford that.

Stiv has had spinal problems since childhood. Katya fought for Stiv's back as best she could, because she understood: sitting exactly for Stiv is not a luxury, but a vital necessity. But over the past 9 months, Stiv's spine made it clear that the load is too great. The curvature of the spine from 74 degrees has reached 85. Do you know what a curvature of the back is 85 degrees? This is when the lower ribs practically dig into the hip joint, the heart shifts, the volume of the lungs decreases. And all this is accompanied by severe pain.

Stiv now has pain everywhere. The pain is so strong that mom and dad take turns on duty at Stiv's bed at night - so that, hearing the groan of his son, turn him over on the other side, change his position.

Such severe scoliosis can only be treated with surgery. The spine is reinforced with a special metal structure that acts as a frame, as a support. But with the number of concomitant diseases like Stiv's, few doctors would risk going for an operation. And yet there is one miracle doctor: Andrei Nikolayevich Baklanov has long and successfully operated on children and adults with similar problems. He has already helped several patients of our foundation and, we hope, will help Stiv too.

Stiv's case is special. Successful surgery, postoperative care and observation, and rehabilitation are important here. All this for Stiv can be provided by the Ilyinsky hospital, where Dr. Baklanov operates.

But the cost of the operation is too high for the Chernyshev family. All 18 years the Chernyshev family coped with their own strength, but now these forces have simply ended.

We ask you to save Stiv from pain. Yes, after the operation, he still won't be able to walk. But the guy will not be tormented by terrible pains, he will be able to sit normally (now Stiv sits fastened with seat belts and cannot even change his body position on his own) and not think about how his whole body hurts ...

The amount is huge, but there are many of us! Let's help the staunch boy Stiv and his courageous parents!